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DOS Programs


Notes on Windows compatibility:

On Windows, you can run these programs from Command Prompt window. does not require command line parameter, so it can be run by double-clicking on the file in Windows Explorer, or you can create an icon at desktop.

On windows XP, attempt to run these programs from DOS window may cause screen to be corrupted. In this case, switch the Command Prompt window into full screen mode (by pressing Alt-Enter) before running the program.

In some Windows implementations, scrolling the Command Prompt window may not work correctly, and the output from the program is not visible. In this case, clear the screen with command CLS before running the program.

Mandelbrot fractal example

Draws colorful Mandelbrot fractals. Supports CGA, EGA, VGA, SVGA and Hercules displays. Fast integer calculation loop written in Assembly language. Graphical area selection. Palette rotate. 3D display option.

Download   -   V 4.1 -   32K

Creates index of words from a text file or multiple files. Option to use exclude list to remove common words. Option to sort the list in alphabetical order, or keep the list in the order of appearance. Case sensitive option. Count the frequency of each word. Option to display line or page numbers of the first appearance of the word.

Download   -   V 2.2 -   26K

Sort text files. Unlimited file size. Uses Merge Sort algorithm.

I originally created this program to overcome the 64KB file size limit of the DOS sort command. Even though FSORT uses intermediate files on disk, it turned out to be faster than DOS sort, too.

The program can be run either in interactive mode (simply enter command FSORT), or you can give all the options on command line (useful for batch files).

   FSORT oldfile newfile [+nnn] [/R] [/C] [/N] [/V|S] [/K]
   +nnn    = start column for sort key (default = 1)
   /R      = reverse order of sort
   /C      = case sensitive sort
   /N      = numerical sort
   /V      = verbose mode (display more messages)
   /S      = silent mode (do not display any messages)
   /K      = keep tmp files (for debug)
   /?      = display a help message and exit

Download   -   V 1.4 -   24K ----

Compare two files. This program is primarily developed for comparing two versions of a program file to find patch addresses. Unlike the compare command in DOS, the files can be compared even if different sizes. Displays the address and contents of the difference in hex or ascii. Display all the differences, or stop after specified number of differences found.

   CMP file1 file2 [outfile] [/A] [/L nn] [/S] [/N] [/V] [/?]
   /L nn  = Max lines before MORE prompt
   /A     = Ascii output (default=hex)
   /S     = Stop when maxlines reached (else displays "More" prompt)
   /N     = do Not display each difference, only total count
   /V     = verbose mode
   /?     = display help message and exit

If no filenames are given, the program prompts for them. If optional outfile is given, the output will be directed to that file and "More" prompt is not displayed.

Download   -   V 1.1 -   22K ----

Check parentheses in a program source file. Counts number of each type of parentheses: ()[]{}, as well as C comments /* */ and Pascal comments /* */. If unbalance is found, displays the line number where the error occurs, if possible.

   PARCHK [/v] [/a] file
   /v = verbose display
   /a = assembler mode
   /? = display this usage text

Download   -   V 3.0 -   22K