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TerraConv is a freeware program for converting Terragen terrain files into image file format readable by image editing programs, and image files back to terrain files. Supports 16 bit color depth, so you will not lose any altitude resolution in the conversion process.

TerraConv supports the following file formats:   (R = Read, W = write)

Ext File type: formatR/W
.TER Terragen Terrains - R/W
(Tagged Image File Format)
8 bit grayscale R
16 bit grayscale R/W
32 bit HDR grayscale R/W
24 bit RGB color R
48 bit RGB color R
(Portable Grayscale Map)
8 bit binary R
16 bit binary R/W

Only non-compressed TIFF files are supported. When the file is read, it is converted into grayscale. When writing a TIFF file, 16 bit grayscale or 32 bit HDR (floating point) grayscale mode is used. When writing PGM file, 16 bit binary or ASCII mode can be selected.

TerraConv can handle terrains of size up to 8193 × 8193.
Terrain scaling data from .ter file is stored into a data file and can be restored after loading a TIFF/PGM file.
Scaling data from GeoTIFF file is automatically used (assuming the coordinates are stored in degrees and altitude in metres).
Supports drag and drop. Can be run from command line and .bat files, too.

See some example images created with help of TerraConv.

TerraConv works on Windows 95/98/2000/NT4/XP operating system. To install TerraConv, just unzip the files into any directory. You can then start the program by typing "tconv" on DOS command prompt, or by clicking on tconv.exe at Windows Explorer. Optionally, you can create a shortcut on your Windows desktop.

The ZIP package below contains the program file (TerraConv.exe) and a document file (TerraConv.txt).

   Download   -   V1.23   -   14. 08. 2007   -   214 KB


Revision history

V1.23  14.08.2007
- Added keyboard commands Esc (break) and Alt-X (exit)
- Resizeable File Open/Save dialog boxes
- Fix: Did not save any more scaling data after Restore had been pressed
- Compiled with new runtime library (hopefully this reduces the number of false virus alarms given by some virus scanners)

V1.22   28.07.2005
- Added command line option -b (batch mode)
- Keyboard shortcuts for buttons
- Fix: Command line conversion from .ter to .tif corrected
- Fix: Windows XP compatibility for Conversion Ready sound

V1.21   15.03.2005
- Max terrain size increased from 2049 to 8193
- Some memory optimization
- Some speed enhancement for larger files

V1.20   24.11.2004
- Added HDR TIFF support (floating point data)
- Added GeoTIF support
- Added PGM file support
- Added drag and drop support
- Added command line parameters
- Fix: now correctly loads grayscale TIF with Alpha channel
- Fix: now correctly loads TIF with only 1 strip and no offset table
- other minor fixes

V1.10   05.07.2004
- Store altitude scaling data into TerraConv.dat, restore button added
- Remember the folder (path) of Terrain and TIF files.

V1.01   17.06.2004
- Fixed reading SIZE tag on terrain files that do not contain XPTS and YPTS tags (SIZE value = size-1).
- Display version and copyright text on status line on program start.

V1.00   27.05.2004
- First release


TerraConv is copyright 2004-2007, Pauli Lindgren.
The current version is "freeware", i.e. you can freely use it without charge, but you are not allowed to sell it or use it as part of any commercial distribution.

This program was created using RapidQ basic compiler.