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Creating the Terragen images


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Terragen 0.9 only generates nature landscape images, not any human made artifacts. However, with help of TerraConv and an image editor, you can create structures that look like human made.

In this example, we create an ancient castle looking structure. The castle is created entirely by editing the altitude data in terrain file, no post processing for the rendered image was done.

Step 1  - Create a terrain

Create a terrain where you are going to build the castle. In this example, I used terrain size 513 x 513, but higher resolution terrain would give better results.

Step 2  - Convert terrain into TIF

Load the terrain into TerraConv. Save it as TIF file (16-bit binary).
Then load it in your image editor. (The image editor must be capable of editing images with 16 bit color depth.)

Step 3  - Draw the castle

Editing the castle

Use simple geometric shapes to draw the castle. I drew the castle walls with a line tool (around 10 pixels wide), and the towers with round standard brush.

Do not use too bright colors. If you draw a tower using 20% grey, the tower will be about 20% of the height of the highest mountain in the image (assuming you are building the castle on lowlands). Use different shades of grey to produce different altitudes. Use 100% opaque color, so that the top of the walls will be flat.

Since you have to use colors that do not differ much from the land around, it may be difficult to see the drawing. Adjust your monitor contrast and brightness if necessary.

Step 4  - Convert TIF to TER

Terrain with castle

Save the image as TIF (with no compression).
Import TIF into TerraConv.
Hit the [ Restore ] button to restore altitude scaling.
Save as TER.

Step 5  - Render

Load the terrain to Terragen and render.