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Creating the image

Smooth Hills

Click for larger image

TerraConv makes it possible modify Terragen terrains in an image editor.
In this simple example we create smoothly sloping hills by blurring the terrain.

Step 1  - Create a terrain

Create a terrain in Terragen.

Step 2  - Convert terrain into TIF

Use TerraConv to convert terrain into TIF file. Then load it in your image editor. (The image editor must be capable of editing images with 16 bit color depth.)

Step 3  - Smooth the terrain

Use gaussian blur filter to smooth the terrain. The amount of blurring depends on how smooth hills you want. See some examples below (click on thumbnail for larger image).

Original terrain Blurred 5 units Blurred 20 units Blurred 40 units

Step 4  - Convert TIF to TER

Save the image as TIF (with no compression).
Import TIF into TerraConv.
Hit the [ Restore ] button to restore altitude scaling.
Save as TER.

Step 5  - Render

Load the terrain into Terragen.
Adjust any settings you like, and then render.