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What is RapidQ?

RapidQ is a freeware Basic compiler for Windows/Linux/Unix operating system. It may be the easiest way to create Window applications, both for console and GUI.

When creating console applications, you can use the traditional Basic syntax. Just like with other Basics, you can create a simple program with just one line of code. Windows GUI applications can be created with a simple and easy to use syntax, in object oriented fashion. There is a simple graphical QUI designer, too, to help developing the user interface.

RapidQ generates stand-alone exe programs, no runtime DLL's needed. However, the generated code is run on bytecode interpreter, so it is not very fast (altough faster than a Basic interpreter).

Unfortunately, RapidQ is not developed furher any more (the rights and source code were sold to a commercial company), and the RapidQ homepage at BasicGuru has been closed. But you can still download the software from the links below.