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3. Cloud shadows

Whether or not cloud shadows and sunrays are visible in Terragen renders depends on the Cloud Size and Atmosphere Accuracy settings.

These images demonstrate the effect of Atmosphere Accuracy setting with different cloud sizes. As you can see, the smaller cloud size, the higher Athmospere Accuracy setting is needed in order to the cloud shadows and sunrays to appear. At smallest cloud size, no shadows appear even at highest accuracy setting.

However, this depends on metres point spacing setting, too. This test was done with the setting set to default 30m. If you decrease the metres point spacing setting, you may get the sunrays visible with lower Atmosphere Accuracy setting (but of course this would have other effect, too).

On the first row of the table below, the smallest cloud size is used. On each next row, the cloud size is increased by one step and new clouds are generated.
On the first column of images, Atmosphere Accuracy slider is set to middle position. On the 2nd and 3rd columns, the setting is second highest and highest, respectively.

  Atm.accuracy = 3/5 Atm.accuracy = 4/5 Atm.accuracy = 5/5
Size 1, Atm Accuracy 3 Size 1, Atm Accuracy 4 Size 1, Atm Accuracy 5
Size 2, Atm Accuracy 3 Size 2, Atm Accuracy 4 Size 2, Atm Accuracy 5
Size 3, Atm Accuracy 3 Size 3, Atm Accuracy 4 Size 3, Atm Accuracy 5
Size 4, Atm Accuracy 3 Size 4, Atm Accuracy 4 Size 4, Atm Accuracy 5

The terrain is flat, 257x257. The camera altitude is 1200 m.
The word file can be downloaded here: cloud_sh_hi.tgw

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