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Cloud Shadows and Sunbeams


When sunrays filter through clouds, you can sometimes see sunbeams in the air. You can create sunbeams with Terragen, too. However, many people have found it difficult to figure out how to make the sunbeams visible. What parameter settings are needed? Here is the answer.

The key to creating sunbeams is first to make cloud shadows visible. Sunbeams are clouds shadows in the atmosphere.

If cloud shadows are not visible, the reason is usually too low Atmosphere Accuracy setting. How high setting is needed, depends on Cloud size and metres point spacing settings. After you have got the sunbeams visible, you can then adjust other settings to make the beams stronger.

On Page 2, I'll give step-by-steps instructions on how to create sunbeams.

On Page 3, the effect of Atmosphere Accuracy setting vs. cloud size is compared.


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