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Basic / RapidQ Programming

This package contains some files for RapidQ Basic compiler, but they can be used with other Basic versions, too. The files in the package are listed below.

Download:   -   V1.3   (28.05.2004)   -   12.4K

User Menu for Basic

Basic.mnu is a user menu for Basic programming. Replaces the standard User menu. From this menu, you can easily call the macros below and perform other functions useful for Basic programming. Tip: use the macro config.vdm to load this menu and to name it "B-User".

  The items in the menu are: *) these macros are found on other parts of my site. Click the link to see description. User menu for Basic

Syntax highlight

RapidQ.syn is syntax highlight file for RapidQ basic compiler. In addition to standard Basic commands and functions, RapidQ component names and methods are highlighted. (Note: the current version may not contain all the methods available in different components.)

Matching if etc.

Bas_ifs.vdm finds matching pair (begin or end of block) in the following command pairs:



Bas_ind.vdm performs smart indent for Basic/RapidQ programs.

Function select

basfunc.vdm is similar to cfunk.vdm that comes with Vedit. Opens a window that displays list of functions, procedures and methods in the Basic source file. You can then use cursor keys to select the function and to go to the location of the function or label. This version is designed for RapidQ basic compiler, but should work with most basic versions. Also works with Perl.

New version 2.0: Search a string within the function list. Scroll left/right. Configure whether or not the source file display is updated when you move selection up/down.

Compiler support files

Tools (compile) menu for RapidQ

Compiler support files allow you to compile and run your RapidQ programs from within Vedit, to examine errors, and to start the GUI designer. You can use the Compile.mnu that comes with Vedit, but a compile menu better suited for RapidQ is included in this package.

The files included are:
RQ_comp.mnu - Tools menu for RapidQ compiler support
RapidQ.vcs - The compiler support macro. Copy this to the compile sub-directory.
RapidQ.bat - DOS .bat file for running the compiler.
Edit the paths in the file to match the RapidQ path in your PC, and move it either into you project (.bas source) directory or any directory that is included in the PATH environment variable of your system.
compile.vco - Compiler definition file. Move this into your project directory.
RapidQ.txt - Instructions for using the files