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Other programming resources

Syntax files for Vedit text editor.


Syntax highlighting file for Tasking cross assembler for Epson processors.

Download: asm_epso.syn   -   V1.0   -   1.5K


Syntax highlighting file for IAR cross assemblers.

Download: asm_iar.syn   -   V1.0   -   0.6K


Syntax highlighting file for AWK, the Unix pattern processing language.

Download: awk.syn   -   V1.0   -   1.3K



Syntax highlighting file for Bourne Again Shell (Unix, Linux, Cygwin).

Download: bash.syn   -   V1.1   -   0.9K


Syntax highlighting file for the difference-output of PVCS revision control system. (May be used with the output of Unix diff command as well, depending on the output options you select in the diff command.)

Tip: To copy the output from pvcs diff output window, triple-click on the first line of the output. Then press Ctrl-C (copy), and then paste the contents into Vedit buffer.

Download: dif.syn   -   V1.0   -   1.0K


A simple syntax highlighting file for DOS File Compare utility output.

Download: fc.syn   -   V1.0   -   0.4K


Syntax highlighting file for makefile. The syntax is based on GNU make, but should work with most other make implementations as well.

Download: makefile.syn   -   V1.0   -   1.0K



Syntax highlighting file for PHP language.

Download: PHP.syn   -   V1.0   -   19K

( For more syntax files, see Resources by type )