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Basic.mnu - User-menu for Basic / RapidQ programming
C_user.mnu - User-menu for C programming
html.mnu - Tools-menu for writing HTML documents
RQ_comp.mnu - Tools-menu for RapidQ compiler support
user2.mnu - User-menu with many new functions
pyTools.mnu - Tools-menu for Python programming (
Wiki_Tools.mnu - Tools-menu for editing Wiki pages
Wiki_User.mnu - User-menu for editing Wiki pages


aspell.vdm - Integrates Aspell spelling checker with Vedit
basfunc.vdm - Select Basic function from a list window (
bas_ifs.vdm - Find matching if...endif, do...loop etc. in Basic source (
bas_ind.vdm - Smart indend for Basic / RapidQ (
buf_switch.vdm - Select buffer from a list, with sort and search options
c_autoc.vdm - C function auto complete (
c_ifs.vdm - Find matching #if ... #else ... #endif (
c_indent.vdm - Smart indent for C programming (
c_paren.vdm - Find matching parenthesis in C source (
cfunc1w.vdm - C function select (Windows version) (
Cascade.vdm - Cascade windows using full screen size (misc macros)
chk_paren.vdm - Find matching parenthesis, generic (misc macros)
ClearCase.vdm - Perform ClearCase revision control operations directly from Vedit.
cmp_1_2.vdm - Compare files/buffers, with automatic re-synchronization (compare tools)
compdir.vdm - Enhanced version of the directory compare tool (compare tools)
git.vdm - Vedit support for Git revision control system.   (  - new version 1.1
git_setup.vdm - A simple macro to help to integrate git with Vedit.   (  - new version 1.1
GotoFile.vdm - Go to file/location referred at cursor line at e.g. Wildfile search result.
HTMLlist.vdm - Convert text into list. Use dialog box to select list style.
HTML_a.vdm - Go to anchor selected from a list
HTML_BR.vdm - Convert CR's into <br> tags
HTML_chk.vdm - Check HTML file for errors.
HTML_del.vdm - Delete HTML tag pair.
HTML_editor_set.vdm - Add Vedit into the "edit with" list of Internet Explorer
HTML_fmt.vdm - Use dialog box to select character format (bold, italics, small etc.)
HTML_form.vdm - Insert Form element. Use dialog box to select the element.
HTML_img.vdm - Insert image link using file open dialog box. Automatically insert image dimensions.
HTML_jst.vdm - Use dialog box to select left/right/center/justify for a section.
HTML_lst.vdm - Insert list tags in HTML file
HTML_match.vdm - Find matching HTML tag.
HTML_new.vdm - HTML file template. Inserts head, title etc, prompts for options.
HTML_tbl.vdm - Create a table, or convert text to table.
H_indent.vdm - Re-indent one line or a block in HTML document source.
highlight.vdm - Instant syntax highlighting (misc macros)
ind_mode.vdm - Set indent mode for C123.VTM event macro.
markers.vdm - Select bookmark from a list. (misc macros)
Open_File.vdm - Open a file from disk by selecting from a list, with sort and search options
Open_Recent.vdm - Open a recently used file by selecting from a list, with sort and search options
preset.vdm - Configuration preset. Configure Vedit for a document type (misc macros)
pyContext.vdm - Context display for Python (
pyFunc.vdm - Function show/select for Python (
pyIndent.vdm - Smart Indent for Python (
rcs_cmd.vdm - Perform selected operations with RCS revision control system. (
rdif_gto.vdm - Go to line referred in RCSdiff output. (
Run_macro.vdm - Load and execute macro by selecting from a list, with sort and search options
show_ifs.vdm - Show active #if's at current cursor location. (
search_inc.vdm - Search and open include file using compilers include order. (
snippets.vdm - Code snippets
svn.vdm - Vedit support for Subversion (svn) revision control system.   (  - new version 1.1
svn_setup.vdm - Macro for helping to configure svn and Vedit svn tools. (  - new version 1.1
swap_buffers.vdm - Swap two buffers (re-order tabs)
syn2html.vdm - Geterate source code listing with syntax highlight in HTML format
t_reg.vdm - Copy/paste text registers using list window. (misc macros)
Wiki_fmt.vdm - Wiki editing: Format Character, insert link, insert image (Wiki Tools)
Wiki_lst.vdm - Wiki editing: Insert list, indent (Wiki Tools)
Wiki_outline.vdm - Wiki editing: List headings in the file and go to that location (Wiki Tools)
Wiki_tbl.vdm - Wiki editing: Create table, edit columns (Wiki Tools)
Wiki_tools_setup.vdm - Configure Vedit for Wiki editing (Wiki Tools)
ZBfunc.vdm - Select ZBasic function from a list window (
ZB_ifs.vdm - Find matching if...endif, do...loop etc. in ZBasic source (

Double-click Event Macros

git_dclick_status.vdm - Double-click macro for git Status display and File list.
git_dclick_diff.vdm - Double-click macro for git diff results.   (
search116.vdm - Double click event macro for Wildfile search output file. (misc macros)
svn_dclick_status.vdm - Double-click macro for svn Status display and File list. (
svn_dclick_diff.vdm - Double-click macro for svn diff results. (

Template editing Event Macros

C123.vtm - Template macro for C (expand keywords). (
Python.vtm - Template macro for Python (auto indent). (
rcs_111.vtm, rcs_112.vtm, rcs_113.vtm - File pre-open and post-save event macros for RCS revision control system. (
Zbasic.vtm - Template editing macro for ZBasic (

Syntax highlighting

asm_IAR.syn - for IAR cross assemblers
asm_epso.syn - for Epson (Tasking) cross assembler
awk.syn - for AWK pattern processing language
bash.syn - for bash (Bourne Again Shell) in Unix, Linux or Cygwin
dif.syn - for the output of PVCS difference listing and Unix diff command
fc.syn - for the output DOS fc (file compare) command
GIT_commit.syn - for Git commit message.   (
GIT_diff.syn - for Git Diff listing.   (
GIT_log.syn - for Git Log listing and diff changed files list.   (
GIT_status.syn - for Git Status display.   (
mail.syn - for saved mail files
makefile.syn - for makefile (GNU make syntax)
php.syn - for PHP language
RapidQ.syn - for RapidQ Basic compiler (
RCSdiff.syn - for RCSdiff revision difference listing (
Rlog.syn - for RCS Rlog revision history listing (
SVN_config.syn - for svn (Subversion) configuration file (
SVN_Diff.syn - for svn diff listing (
SVN_log.syn - for svn log listing and diff changed files list (
SVN_Status.syn - for svn statis file (
URL.syn - highlights URL's in text file
Wiki.syn - for Wiki editing (Wiki Tools)
ZBasic.syn - for ZBasic Basic compiler (

Keyboard configurations

c.key - Keyboard definition for C programming (
html1.key - Keyboard definition for HTML (
html2.key - Keyboard definition for HTML + extra commands (
Python.key - Keyboard definition for Python programming (
Wiki.key - Keyboard definition for Wiki editing (Wiki Tools)

Compiler support

RapidQ - Compiler support for RapidQ Basic compiler (included in