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Pauli Lindgren
Vedit resources

On this page you will find some macros and other resources I have developed for Vedit text editor. You may freely download the files.

Resources sorted by application area

The resources have been grouped on several pages. Click on the link to go to the page of specified application area. From there you can download the files.
(You can also view the files sorted by type.)

General purpose

Aspell integration
Integrates Aspell spelling checker to Vedit.
- Check spelling on current document or selected block
- Highlights spelling errors, suggests correction
File Compare Tools
Compare files and directories
- Enhanced version of the directory compare macro, compdir.vdm
- All new file compare tool with automatic re-sync, cmp_1_2.vdm
File Open macros
Four macros to make it easy to open files, switch buffers and run macros using keyboard.
- Select files from a list. List filenames only or full path.
- Powerful search/filter function makes it easy to find the correct file.
- Quick access to common directories (user-mac, vedit_tmp, MyDocuments etc.)
Misc. macros:
preset.vdm - Use dialog box to select configuration for different file types or projects. Loads User and Tools menus, keyboard definitions etc.
markers.vdm - Display list of bookmarks in a window. Use cursor keys to select bookmark.
t_reg.vdm - Display list of text registers in a window. Use cursor keys to select and paste a register.
chk_paren.vdm - Check that all parentheses and braces in your file have matching pair.
cascade.vdm - Enhanced cascade windows, uses the screen effectively, windows in buffer order.
search116.vdm - Enhanced mouse double-click functionality.
Snippets.vdm - Code snippets.
swap_buffers.vdm - Re-order your tabs and buffers

HTML editing

HTML Tools:
- HTML tools menu for entering the most common tags, and to run the macros.
- Check HTML file for errors.
- HTML file template.
- Find matching HTML tag.
- Delete HTML tag pair, delete text inside tags
- Insert image using file open dialog box. Get dimensions from the image automatically.
- Character format (bold, italics, small etc.), block format, lists, tables etc.
Macro for creating syntax highlighted listings of program source etc. in HTML format.

Wiki editing

Wiki Tools:
- Similar to HTML tools, but for editing MediaWiki pseudo HTML

C Programming

C Tools
Macros and other resources for C programming, e.g.
- Smart indent, match #if...#endif, check parentheses, auto complete etc.
- Configure the options of the macros from dialog box (c_setup.vdm)
- Enhanced template editing macro (C123.vtm) with multiple format options.
- "C-User" menu for accessing the macros.
- Enhanced keyboard with useful keyboard macros.

Basic programming

Macros and other resources for Basic programming, especially for RapidQ:
- User menu, Smart indent, Function list/select, Find block begin/end, Syntax Highlight
(Some of the items can be used for Perl, too)
Macros and other resources for ZBasic programming:
- Function list/select, Find block begin/end, Syntax Highlight, template editing

Python programming

Python Tools     - New -
Macros and other resources for Python programming:
- Smart indent, Function show/select, Context view
- pyTools menu for accessing the macros.
- Keyboard configuration with access to pyTools menu, and some Python specific keyboard macros.
- Template editing (for auto indent).

Other programming

Other programming resources
- Syntax Highlighting for IAR and Epson assemblers, bash, makefile, diff, fc, awk, PHP

Revision control

- Event macros for automatic check-in and check-out functions.
- Perform RLOG, RCSDIFF etc. using dialog box, display output with syntax highlighting.
GIT:     - New -
- Perform most common git operations (Add, Commit, Status, Log, Diff etc.) from withing Vedit using dialog box.
- Display output with syntax highlighting. Double-click in the output listing to open corresponding file/location.
- Simple setup macro. Use Vedit as git default editor for entering commit message etc.
ClearCase:     - New -
- Perform most common ClearCase operations (Checkout/in, Label, Branch, History, Diff, etc.) from within Vedit using dialog box.


- The Game of Life.



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